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Campaign to gshow release Clarina’s photoshoot:

Well guys, I REALLY want all the photos from this photoshoot, but I think the only way to gshow release all the photos is only if the fans ASK them to release…We know the ‘Clarina’ power, right?! is not impossible, and more: we should try this! So… If anyone be interested in help us on this campaign, send me a ask, or talk to me on twitter @lari_hudgens (or with @wishstefani)



 just breathe, Swan


okay okay, It was just a nightmare. haha…
… THIS IS “3×01"… Isn’t that right? ;’( … I can’t go on…I cannot cry enough…

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Do you guys know what make me more angry? People saying things like “Shay is dead, deal with it.” or “Oh, still have people talking about Shay? She’s dead, stop talking about that.” GO FUCK YOURSELF! DAMN IT. She was my favorite character from the show, I’m SURE if was one of the favorites of these people, they would suffer in the same way as I’m suffering for Shay’s death. What they don’t understand is that MANY people just started to watch Chicago Fire because of her, and many people LOVES her. I’m still sad/angry with the writers, and I’ll never, NEVER will accept her death, I’ll be always asking myself why this happened to her, I just…can’t believe. :(

I’m fine. Truly.